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Hair removal can be the worst chore can’t it? Shaving, plucking, waxing, threading, tweezing… we’re tired just naming the different ways you can extract the body and facial fuzz. Not to mention the post shave trauma of stubble, rashes and ingrown hairs - you get the point.

What if we told you that all of the drama around hair removal could be eradicated with one of our favourite techniques: Laser Hair Removal. More and more men are opting for this cutting edge treatment, and it doesn’t just stop at the jawline. From legs and arms to your knuckles and ear lobes, it can take away the effort of hair maintenance with long term, effective results.

Here, White Haus Hair & Beauty have put together their list of the reasons why Laser Hair Removal should be your choice of hair eradication based on the amazing results they’ve had in their Haus of Laser Clinic.

The beard is here to stay, because it’s beardiful

The ‘beard’ has become a prominent fixture in male fashion. It’s classic, masculine and both men and women love them. It’s a scientific fact! But beard maintenance can be a grooming nightmare. With Laser Hair Removal, the treatment is efficient yet effective in thinning, reducing and removing unwanted hair in patches and places you wish it wasn’t. For a suave yet natural finish to your beard, laser hair removal can target the fuzz around the hairline, neck, jaw and cheeks to enhance the shape and style of your facial hair.

You won’t need a sick day (unless you want one!)

There is absolutely no downtime when it comes to a Laser Hair Removal appointment. They typically last - dependent on the area you want; your back would take longer than your face obviously - 15-30 minutes with a slight bit of redness if you were unlucky. If you want to pull a sickie though, we won’t tell.

Time to s(h)ave the environment!

Plastic consumption is a huge issue in 2018 with environmental activists, governments and Joe Bloggs all doing their bit to hinder the production and consumption of our plastic habit. Razors are made from plastic. Approximately two billion of these bad lads end up in landfills and the ocean every year. It’s the last thing on your mind in the morning when you’re running late and your facial hair needs a preen, so let’s do our part and make David Attenborough proud. By opting for Laser Hair Removal instead of your traditional razor counterpart, you could potentially save money and the environment before you’ve even had breakfast. In around three to eight treatments the hair can be permanently eliminated with Laser Hair Removal; given that men shave up to 20,000 times in their life - that’s a lot of foam and razors and a lot of sad fish in the oceans. By opting for Laser Hair Removal, the upfront cost might be more than your usual grooming kit, over a lifetime you could potentially save proper dollars (approximately £7,000 and 117 days of your life!), think of what you could do with that extra cash and time!

No pain, no gain

Here’s where the male bravado comes in. If you want to regale tales of how you withstood the intense pressure under the acute line of fire of the laser down the pub, we won’t stop you. Though there is a level of discomfort with Laser Hair Removal it’s pretty bearable even for the most delicate of us. In essence, Laser is about destroying your follicles, not soothing the skin, so prepare for some mild pain - described as having an elastic band flicked off the skin. It’s uncomfortable, but you can take it.

It works

And finally, does it work? Well, we wouldn’t be telling you about it if it didn’t. The science bit is hair grows in four stages; the laser we use picks up dark pigments - or your hair - and targets them. This destroys the follicle, which basically collapses in on itself and refuses to work. It becomes inactive and therefore the hair doesn’t grow any longer. In order to ensure that happens to all the hairs, we need to catch the hair in it’s growing stage, which can take a period of weeks, which is why we recommend a session every four weeks for optimal results.

Above is one of our clients after shaving in both pictures after three sessions of Laser Hair Removal. The results are incredible and we’re only halfway through the course. Imagine what we could achieve for you.

Where do I sign up?

When it comes to Laser Hair Removal, we offer it in sessions at White Haus & Haus of Laser. The skin and follicle need time to heal, and it takes on average six sessions to achieve desired results, some more, some less. There is maintenance required, a top up once a year or so, but we love an excuse for a catch-up… and to see how marvellous your facial hair is.

Book Your Laser Hair Removal at White Haus Hair & Beauty today.

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