Men's Hair Trends For 2014

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2014 sees men's hairstyles strongly focussed around longer hair, where length is concentrated at the top of the head and can be sculpted into medium hairstyles for men.

Below we give our top five styles for men this year.

Long Hair

Long hair is not an easy trend for most men, especially if you are a fan of one of the more shorter styles. This look is not the typical 'surfer' style or the outdated 'mod', it's far more groomed, clean and worn with a sharp image - contemporary gothic for the city smart gent.

The Bun

Ever since the Golden Globes there has been one style on everyone's mind - the Man-bun! Sported by Jared Leto, Alex Ebert and Joaquin Phoenix, the men either pulled their hair back into a sleek bun or contained their style with clips and pins.

An unusual look perhaps but it is a growing trend. A trend which owes its roots to the classic ponytail, worn by Chanel Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld.

The Quiff

The classic quiff, a style which will always be in fashion and incredibly popular with most men. Medium length hair will add extra personality and style to this classic look.

For a twist finish your quiff with a shiny styling product with plenty of hold, creating a sharper more sophisticated look.

The Slick

This look is always the most popular around awards and fashion seasons, although multiple variations can be seen.

Slicked hair can be worn in a retro fashion as seen on Leonardo DiCaprio in the Wolf of Wall Street to the more laid back version. Slicked hair is ideal for men of all ages and those with naturally straight hair.

The Beard

Not quite a hairstyle as such but a style nonetheless, facial hair is big news for 2014 and not just for Movember. The beard has grown-up from a lazy slacker into a stylish accessory. 

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