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To complement the collection inspired by the richness of nature encountered during a journey along ‘The Wild Atlantic Way’ of Western Ireland, the hair design for DAKS Autumn/Winter collection reflected timeless elegance with a modern update.

With a nod to retro, an added grittiness created a transitional texture from smooth to voluminous, combining decadence with a natural, lived-in look.

Hair Design by Moroccanoil Global Ambassador, Antonio Corral Calero

Get the look: Women
  1. Prep the hair by applying a pump of Moroccanoil Treatment from root to ends to set the perfect foundation for styling and to hydrate the hair throughout (Moroccanoil Treatment Light for blonde or fine hair).
  2. Apply Moroccanoil Root Boost at the roots to create a slight lift and grip, and then add Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse throughout the mid-length to ends to create an even texture throughout the hair. Blast the hair dry without lifting the root area too much. This will help to keep the look contemporary.
  3. Section the hair horizontally at the occipital bone and pin at the top of the head, leaving a working section at the bottom.
  4. Starting at the nape, and working upwards towards the crown, take 1” width sections. Spray each section first with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium to add shine, then with Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray for added grip and texture.
  5. Curl each section with a medium curling iron. Hold and remove from the curling iron, roll inwards and pin to create barrel curls.
  6. Repeat this over the rest of the hair, working from the nape upwards, stopping at the occipital bone.
  7. Add a second veil of Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium to set. Leave hair to cool for five minutes.
  8. Remove pins and comb through from root to tip using fingers.
  9. Spritz Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine from root to tip and brush with a Moroccanoil Boar Bristle Brush.
  10. Brush the hair back from the front hairline and temples, away from the face. Warm a small amount of Moroccanoil Molding Cream between the fingers and rake through from the hairline to the occipital bone.
  11. Then using the palms of the hands crumple sections of the lengths together and squeeze, following with Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray, spraying from underneath the hair to create a defined, lived-in texture.
  12. Help to create a transition from a smooth scalp to an expansion of texture throughout the length.
  13. Follow with a liberal amount of Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray to maintain a grittiness to the overall look.
  14. Set the look with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium to hold in place while retaining movement, and complete with a final veil of Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine to enhance the look of healthy hair.
Get the look: Men
  1. Prep hair with Moroccanoil Treatment to create the perfect foundation for styling (Moroccanoil Treatment Light for blonde or fine hair).
  2. Apply Moroccanoil Molding Cream evenly from roots to ends for a full and natural effect. Followed by Moroccanoil Texture Clay for gritty texture.
  3. Finish with a touch of Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine for extra shine and definition. 

Photography: Naomi Gabrielle Photography

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