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Resort Week in New York City has just been checked off the fashion circuit, with R+Co creating some stylish delights for Lela Rose and Lorod.

Lela Rose Resort 2018

Hair by Braydon Nelson for R+Co

This year’s presentation for the Lela Rose Resort collection was held at the Jefferson Market Garden, which helped to accentuate the floral-embroidered designs. Lead hairstylist Braydon Nelson used R+Co to create the look.

We wanted it very simple and angelic while keeping kind of a natural texture in the hair, explained Braydon.

Get the look…
  1. Start by applying CHIFFON Styling Mousse (£22.95), and then comb it through the hair.
  2. Tuck hair behind the ears and clip it to hold it in place.
  3. Diffuse the hair to create the desired shape. For straighter styles, create a bit more texture using a curling wand.
  4. Remove clips and brush out the hair.
  5. Add DEATH VALLEY Dry Shampoo (£22.95) to break up the hair and add texture.
  6. Once the desired texture is achieved, tuck hair behind the ears again and add bobby pins to secure.
  7. Spray with OUTER SPACE Flexible Hairspray (£22.95) for a light hold.
  8. Finish with TINSEL Smoothing Oil (£22.95) on the ends for shine if needed.

Lorod Resort 2018

Hair by Edward Lampley for R+Co

This season’s Lorod Resort collection focused on re-contextualizing vintage work wear with splashes of colour and using various pattern-cutting techniques. Lead hairstylist Edward Lampley used R+Co to create the look.

We wanted it to be a bit of a sweaty, greasy texture, explained Edward.

Get the look…
  1. Start by applying AIRCRAFT Pomade Mousse (£22.95) from the root to mid-shaft, and spray a combination of GRID Structural Hold Setting Spray (£22.95) and ROCKAWAY Salt Spray (£22.95) to the ends.
  2. Diffuse everything into the hair.
  3. Create a centre parting and then section off the hair below the occipital bone. Create a small cornrow from ear to ear to use as structure to pin everything into place. (Tip: Spray the hair used in the cornrow with DALLAS Thickening Spray (£22.95) for hold and strength).
  4. Take the front section of hair on either side of the part and loosely roll it then tuck it underneath the braid.

Lela Rose Resort photography: Xin Wang
Lorod Resort photography: Shelby Rodriguez

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