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Pastels Salon Dubai Talks Fringe Benefits

Pastels Salon The Ritz-Carlton

As Lily Collins debuted her bangs recently in Emily in Paris, it seems like the trend is back in Vogue. But, when it comes to the chop, there are some rules you should keep in mind to ensure that your fringe is the most flattering for you!

A fringe highlights your eyes and cheekbones, as well as covering unwanted forehead lines to make you look younger. In general, they soften facial features and help conceal an ageing forehead. Ensure, however, you seek a professional opinion on what fringe will work best according to your hair care routine and lifestyle. For instance, someone who enjoys doing a lot of sport may not want to go for a full fringe, as when you perspire, they get in your eyes and stick to your forehead.

The most current way to work a fringe right now is a “curtain bang”. It is low maintenance, easy to style, and easy to grow out or shorten. A curtain bang goes especially well with a middle parting. Take Dakota Johnson for example, she has been sporting those beautiful drapes for quite some time. Curtain bangs are always shorter in the middle and get longer as the fringe moves away from your face, giving the perfect frame to accentuate all your facial features.

Age is only a number, and a fringe can be rocked at any age. Provided you get the right guidance from your stylist in relation to age-appropriate fringes and choose one that flatters your face shape, why not? People a little later in life should steer away from heavy fringes and opt for something a little lighter and feathery. This will soften features and show Mother Nature who is truly in charge of how we age.

Fringes are customizable to every face shape - there are full fringes, side swept fringes, micro-bangs etc. All you need to do is choose an expert stylist and get their advice on how to create a fringe that will suit - and flatter - your face shape.

The only rule when cutting a fringe is “less is more.” Hair stretches when wet so better to take off less when wet, dry it, and then take more if necessary. Colour is a personal choice, but a fringe can look fabulous even on virgin hair. Fringes should be trimmed every 3 to 4 weeks depending on hair growth. This will ensure it maintains its style and the look you were originally going for. Aftercare will always vary depending on the type of fringe you decide on.

Depending on the fringe you have chosen, most fringes require a round brush and a blow dryer to give it that salon worthy bounce. A good stylist will always give you a tutorial on how to blow-dry your fringe at home.

Dry shampoo will be your new best friend. Unlike hairspray, dry shampoo contains powders and starches, giving you beautiful hold without stickiness and stiffness. It allows hair to maintain curl and volume. Fringes lay flat on our forehead making it constantly exposed to face moisturizer, sunscreen, and oil from our hands. Applying dry shampoo throughout the day will ensure you always have a salon worthy fresh fringe without the constant washing and drying.

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