Perfect Your Winter Glow

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With winter grasping us with its icy grip, our summer glow and bronzed skin seems a distant memory.

If you are not a fan of embracing your paler side, then there are numerous tanning products and brands on the market to help you out. But before you go and grab a bottle of self-tanner from the store, check out our guide below on how to achieve the ultimate winter glow.

Choose your tan wisely

Finding the right brand and tanning formula for your skin tone is so important, as pale winter skin - as we all know – can be unforgiving! You need to find a shade that enhances your natural skin tone, not one that is so far from your natural colour it turns you radioactive orange! Our favourite go-to tan is Amanda Harrington!


Just as you would prep your skin before applying foundation, so you need to prep before tanning. Prepping your skin by exfoliating to remove dead skin cells gives you an even tan and long-lasting results. Once exfoliated you need to add moisture to the skin, this will prevent streaks and patchiness, especially on those fake tan giveaway areas – knees, hands, and feet!

Apply correctly

When applying your tan, use a tanning mitt or body brush to buff in the tan. By buffing you will achieve a more natural looking result.

Face it

Just like your body, when it comes to the face and fake tan, hydration is king! Simply apply your usual moisturiser or serum and then apply your tanner. Make sure you use a fake tan that is especially designed for the face. We highly recommend St Tropez’s Purity Face Tan Mist – it contains ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, hibiscus water, and green mandarin water that not only gives incredible moisture to the skin, but also delivers a beautiful glow.

Add moisture

To help your tan last, make sure you keep your skin moisturised. Avoid heavy moisturisers and those with an oil base, as these can cause fading. Apply a top up colour four days after your first initial tan for long-lasting results.

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