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This season, ghd cult styling products have had an electric pink makeover in collaboration with Breast Cancer Now to support them with their valuable work in breast cancer research. Head of education at ghd, Jo Robertson, explains how to recreate four on-trend looks using the limited edition ghd platinum® electric pink styler.

Beach Wave
  • Prep hair using the ghd curl hold spray (£12.95) which works in partnership with your styler to craft perfectly defined and long lasting curls!
  • Starting at the nape of the head, take a small horizontal section and place the ghd platinum® styler facing downwards at the root
  • Close the plates and rotate half a turn towards the back of the head and glide the styler through the hair
  • Repeat the technique through the head, alternating the direction of the curl by rotating the styler in the opposite direction each time for a more undone look
  • Once all the hair is styled, dress the hair by gently running your fingers through the waves
Top tip...

Shaking out the hair with your fingers will add more volume and texture and create more of an effortless finish!

Modern Sleek
  • Prep the hair using the ghd straight and smooth spray (£12.95), which helps protect hair from heat damage as well as creating a smoother and sleeker base for hairstyling
  • Starting at the back of the head, take a horizontal section approximately a fingers depth and place your ghd platinum® styler at the root
  • Close the plates and slowly glide the styler from the roots to the ends. Repeat working up towards the crown
  • Turning the styler slightly inward will help seal the ends creating a smooth finish. Top this off by running the ghd smooth and finish serum (£14.95) through mid-lengths and ends
Top Tip...

Using the ghd oval dressing brush (£20) to smooth out the hair will add more shine.

Scandi Wave
  • Take a small section at the front of the hair, mist with ghd curl hold spray (£12.95) to protect the hair and hold the curl
  • Bend the hair to form an S shape. Place the hair between the ghd platinum® styler plates and lightly clamp the hair to set the wave
  • Continue feeding the hair through the styler, bending hair into S shapes whilst feeding through - leave the ends out to give the look a modern, chic finish!
  • To dress the hair, tilt the head back and lightly massage at the roots with the pads of your fingers to break up the waves and create a boho and modern finish
  • Finish with the ghd final fix hairspray (£9.95)
Glamorous Curl
  • Starting at the back of the head, take an angled section from the top of the ear to the nape. Place the ghd platinum® styler at the root following the angle of the section, close the plates and rotate half a turn towards the head.
  • Glide the styler towards the ends, keeping the styler angled downwards
  • Repeat steps to complete back section working upwards to the crown - make sure that when styling both sides, the angle is in towards the nape
  • Repeat the technique on the sides keeping the same angle as the back
  • When you have reached the top, comb back your hair to reveal your natural parting and repeat the technique
  • Dress using the oval dressing brush (£20) and use final shine spray (£9.95) to finish

ghd electric pink range launches in stores and online on 1st August 2016. ghd products are available to buy from the best salons, premium retailers and

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