PLAC: Autumn/Winter 15 New York Fashion Week

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Jewan Park captures the spirit of simple yet innovative casual wear in his Autumn/Winter 2015 collection for the Korean-based brand, PLAC. Having launched in 2009, PLAC originally began as a denim line focused on high quality fabrics and techniques, but has since expanded into coats, sweaters, and various other lifestyle wear.

Session Stylist: Matthew Curtis

Collection Inspiration: Sporty, edgy and modern

Hair Inspiration: Boyish mod hair with lots of texture. It’s a worn out look, as if the hair had been groomed a couple of hours earlier - a classic undone and cool look.

Kit Bag Essential: Sea salt spray, volumising mousse, firm hold hairspray and Hot Tools IONIC Salon Dryer.


1. Wet hair down and apply sea salt spray with fingertips to create texture and movement. If hair is thick, apply volumising mousse instead to give greater lift.

2. Blow-dry hair with Hot Tools IONIC Salon Dryer in different directions using a nozzle and a small round brush.

3. Finish with a firm-hold hairspray to define and hold the style.

Tip: Blast cold hair through for a looser look

Photography: Ben Gabbe

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