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Wondering what hair changes to expect during your pregnancy? The team at Samuel Chapman have all the answers you need...

Will pregnancy change my hair?


As your body changes during your pregnancy this is going to have an effect on your hair. Your hair may appear to grow faster, feel thicker and look shinier too. Others may find their hair gets drier or greasier instead. Some women notice a change in colour, and some women notice a change in the texture - maybe getting frizzier or even going from straight to curly!

Why is my hair going to change?

You may feel as though your hair appears to grow faster and feel thicker - you're not suddenly growing more hair. You will stop shedding as much as you naturally would.

Before you became pregnant your hair would grow on a three stage cycle of growing, resting, and then falling out. At any one time you could have up to 95% of your hairs in the growing stage and between 5% and 15% in the resting stage, which then leads to shedding (you can lose up to 100 hairs every day, which you notice most when you wash your hair or in your hairbrush). While you are pregnant your hormones are increasing the length of your 'resting' phase which makes your hair feel thicker.

When am I going to notice this difference?

More than likely not until your second trimester. We know that during your first trimester you are more likely to have morning sickness and days where you are not feeling as great. When you get to the second trimester this is usually the phase where women start to bloom, feel better about themselves and notice the difference in their hair. Please bear in mind that everyone is different and can feel the changes at varying times.

If your hair/scalp gets greasier...

Try not to wash it too much! The increase in washing your hair can stimulate the production of sebum, making your hair look even greasier, quicker! We would recommend a gentle shampoo and a very light conditioner just through the ends of your hair. Once a month you could use a clarifying shampoo that is designed to remove the build-up of product and excessive grease.

If your hair/scalp gets drier...

Again try not to over wash your hair as this can remove the natural oils from your hair. We would recommend Davines' NaturalTech Nourishing shampoo designed for your hair and scalp. Once a month we would recommend using 'The wake up circle' hair and scalp recovery mask.

Try to avoid using too many heated tools on your hair if it feels dry, as this can only further the problem.

Curly hair gone straight or straight hair gone curly?

Embrace the change! It should only last during the pregnancy. Speak to one of our stylists about the best way to maintain or adapt to the change.

If your hair goes frizzy...

There are smoothing shampoos and conditioners called Love Smooth, which will help combat frizziness. Combine this with using Moroccanoil treatment once you have dried your hair. If things get too difficult to manage talk to a member of our team about Kerasilk - the Keratin Blow-dry designed to smooth and nourish your hair and lasts between 3 and 5 months!

Dying your hair during pregnancy...

Experts have said that it is now perfectly safe to dye your hair during pregnancy. The only significant difference we have ever noticed is that some clients' hair hasn't lifted blonde as well as it has previously.

At Samuel Chapman Salon we use colours and products that are naturally derived and are as free from chemicals as possible.

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