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R+Co were on hand for New York Fashion Week, styling the looks for men’s shows, Joseph Abboud and Todd Snyder.

Joseph Abboud A/W18

Hair: Thom Priano, celebrity men’s stylist and cofounder of R+Co

The Joseph Abboud A/W18 collection depicted elegance and an old Hollywood feel. “It’s time to reconstruct American menswear,” explained Abboud. He featured a collection that focused primarily on suit jackets and tuxedos, to celebrate the artistry of tailoring and to encourage men to get excited to want to dress up again.

Celebrity men’s stylist and cofounder of R+Co, Thom Priano, used R+Co products for the hair and stated,

After looking at the collection with Joseph, we decided to embrace each models’ individual look and make them their own story. So if a guy had curly hair, we would keep it curly, but make it more elegant and runway-worthy.

Priano explained that since every model’s hair was different, they used several formulas to really glamorize the men, but mainly incorporated the products below for the final look.

Get the look:
  • Begin with FREEWAY Defining Spray Gel and spray throughout. *Note: Thom mentions not using any tools for this look, and to stick with working the products in with fingers.
  • Finish with TROPHY Shine + Texture Spray and run-through with hands to create a little bit of a messy look.


Todd Snyder A/W18

Hair: Sera Sloane, Global Artist and Educator for R+Co

The Todd Snyder A/W18 show exemplified how to blend an old school feel with a modern aesthetic for what he called, "a smart slacker vibe that’s part aesthete, part athlete." Global artist and R+Co educator, Sera Sloane used R+Co products to create the look and used a variety of formulas from the line including DART, which launched this month.

Get the look:
  • Lightly mist the hair with water, and on damp hair, prep with ATLANTIS Moisturizing Conditioner throughout. *Note: Sera recommends using this product as a leave-in conditioner to encourage extra moisture and shine.
  • Next, spray in ROCKAWAY Salt Spray from roots to ends. Gently massage in the spray to help push in the product to bring out natural texture.
  • Using your blow dryer on a medium airflow as well as medium heat, work the air in circular motions with the natural hair pattern to form a side swept effect.
  • Once you’ve established your shape, take a generous amount of CONTINENTAL Glossing Wax and warm up in your hands in order to evenly distribute through the hair.
  • As a final touch, use NEW DART Pomade Stick to detail the ends for more separation and control on intentional pieces.


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