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The story of the 108 heroes who went to Liangsham in the ‘Water Margin’ (classic Chinese novel by Shui Hu Zhuan) story was the original inspiration for PRONOUNCE’s super cool AW20 collection.

This was a collection full of emotion and different characters, with Elliot Jacque of RCNQ, Marzena Medori of Joseph Ferraro and Mikey Noir of bebop being selected by R+Co to style the hair for the show.

R+Co selected me for LFW and this shows how much they appreciate the people that work with their products, to give such an amazing opportunity to people to come together and share their creativity with one another is truly inspiring. - Elliot Jacque of RCNQ

R+Co presented me with the opportunity to fulfil one of my biggest hairdressing ambitions! It was an incredible experience – I loved every moment! - Marzena Medori of Joseph Ferraro Hair

The brand has a refreshing take on the industry and this show was a good match, with a great culture that drives my knowledge, passion and ideas further. - Mikey Noir of bebop

PRONOUNCE has just announced an upcoming collection with Italian premium lifestyle brand and leading denim pioneer, DIESEL. Some of the 18-piece collection was previewed during the AW20 show with full unveiling at Shanghai Fashion Week.

Hair Inspiration: 90’s School Cool

The inspiration behind the blonde streaks in the fringe came from the cool girls in my school during the late 90s who all bleached one streak of hair in their fringe; I thought it was so cool back then. For the show we wanted a strong graphic look with high shine. - Kalle Eklund

Essential Products
  • R+Co Motorcycle Flexible Gel
  • R+Co WALL ST Strong Hold Gel

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