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Garren, Celebrity Hairstylist and Co-Founder of R+Co, used products from R+Co BLEU – R+Co’s fully-sustainable, couture-calibre sister collection – to create the looks for the Anna Sui Spring/Summer 2022 show.

The collection’s theme, Another Day in Paradise, ties in with the inspiration behind R+Co BLEU: dreaming of escaping to a wonderful vacation. - Garren.

The looks also reflect the youthful Gen Z generation, but with a more polished finish. R+Co BLEU products were used to create a variety of styles for the show.

Get the look…
  1. Prep hair with Essential Hair Tonic (£57.50).
  2. Leave two strands down in the front of the face to add youthfulness to the look.
  3. Slick hair back into a low bun at the nap of the neck using Surreal Styling Serum (£58) or Super Style Crème (£60), depending on the hair type, for grip and hydration.
  4. Loop through a ponytail holder 3 times, bubble up and pin in, with hair fanned into a fishtail at the base to the back.
  5. Finish with Cult Classic Flexible Hairspray (£59).

R+Co BLEU is one of the first brands to feature 100% recyclable packaging. Bottles and jars are made of 100% post-consumer recycled material, which use 88% less energy to produce, further lowering the carbon footprint. Tubes are constructed from bio-resin sugarcane plastic, which has been shown to biodegrade in 180 days in soil and 60 days in compost. Canisters are crafted from 100% aluminium. Cartons and secondary packaging are developed from 100% post-consumer recycled paper sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified farms and feature soy-based inks. A beautiful sheet of seed-embedded paper is included with each product which, when planted, grows wildflowers. R+Co BLEU partnered with One Tree Planted, so with every BLEU purchase, a donation is made to promote reforestation efforts around the world.

Photography: Heath Grout for R+Co

For more information on BLEU or to carry the line in your salon visit www.rebelbeautybrands.com

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