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R+Co were on hand at London Fashion Week Men to create some spectacular styles for Blood Brother and Wood Wood Autumn/Winter 18.

See below on how to create the looks…

Blood Brother

Hair: Jan Przeymk for AOFM using R+Co

It could be you. For AW18 Blood Brother takes a look into the ‘Instant Win, Instant Lifestyle’ promised to us by the omnipotent force that is the lottery. Who hasn’t dreamt of having that winning ticket and what to do with the cash?

  1. Damp down the hair with water and R+Co ONE Prep Spray
  2. Add R+Co MOTORCYCLE Flexible Gel or R+Co WALL ST Strong Hold Gel (dependent on short or long hair) by applying using a tint/colouring brush, layering the hair if necessary to achieve the high shine result
  3. Style individually using the R+Co wide tooth comb according to the cut
  4. Diffuse dry and finish with VICIOUS Strong Hold

Wood Wood

Hair: Jan Przeymk for AOFM using R+Co

St Elmo’s Fire and ‘The Breakfast Club’, those pivotal Eighties films about the struggle into adulthood inspired Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian Jensen’s AW18 collection.  

Women’s How-to:
  1. Dampen the hair with R+Co ONE Prep Spray and R+Co CHIFFON Styling Mousse
  2. Dry in naturally and blow-dry with R+Co’s No. 3 Round Brush
  3. Divide the hair in to two twists
  4. Dry the hair using normal heat, then on cool and then release 
  5. Those with detailing take a hairline section and create a braid to complete the look
Men’s How-to:
  1. The men’s hair was individual, so enhance the texture using R+Co ONE Prep Spray to add condition and moisture first
  2. Apply JACKPOT Styling Crème for a touch of definition
  3. The hair was air-dried or blow-dried using cold air delivering a second day texture look


Top image for Blood Brother by catwalking.com

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