R+Co X Reem Acra

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Fresh romance and sweet pastels took over the runway at Reem Acra’s Spring/Summer 2017 show.

Inspired by the whimsical idea of a secret garden, the collection begged for hair that followed suit, and R+Co educator and lead stylist, Thom Priano created a soft, pulled-back style—complete with desirable volume and alluring curls that fit the charming energy of the line.

Get the look...
  1. Prep hair with Grid Structural Setting Spray throughout.
  2. Curl small sections with a mini curling iron. Pin to set and cool for a natural curl texture.
  3. Brush hair out.
  4. Tease 1-inch sections throughout to create a base for the style.
  5. Pull hair back into a tight french twist, leaving the front a bit loose. Pull at the top to make an abstract shape.
  6. Spray entire head with Outer Space Flexible Hairspray for hold and apply Continental Glossing Wax for separation.
  7. Depending on hair type, Use Foil Frizz + Static Control Spray or Tinsel Smoothing Oil as needed.

Hair by Thom Priano using R+Co

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