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Refusing to conform and bucking trends? Why not be a rebel with your make-up this summer instead of sticking to the typical ‘au natural’ routine?

Of course, by being ‘more rebel’ we don’t mean step out your front door looking like the bride of Marilyn Manson, but by mixing up your beauty favourites to create new and intriguing looks.

The power behind this new rebel minded way of applying make-up has been spawned by beauty bloggers and Instagram icons. These guys don’t follow the rules when it comes to applying what where – pretty much if it works, then anything goes. This is also evident in Estee Lauder’s latest beauty offering, The Estee Edit. Their new sideline of make-up allows you to mix it, match it and blend with abandon.

So, if you have a cool eyeliner colour that will look a dream on your lips, then why not go for it? Or, that amazing lipstick that would just make your eyes pop worn on the lids, then be a rebel and apply it! I can testify that this in fact does work, as I have in the past took a trusty Urban Decay lip pencil and used it, quite successfully may I add, on my eyes!

Cue comments and admiration from the public...

  • Darker colours are a lot easier to get away with when worn in unconventional places, so you may need to channel your inner goth!
  • If you can top-up your tan, as this will help to warm up your skin tone and your make-up


Lip Flip Shade Transformers in Turn Up (yellow) and Turn Down (black) £15 / Metallishadow Creme and Powder Duo £17 / Hi Lo Stylo Contour and Highlight pencil £22.00 – all from The Estee Edit

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