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Hayley Gibson-Forbes, Co-Director of S J Forbes, gives a step-by-step guide to recreating Daenerys Targaryen’s Game of Thrones iconic hairstyle.

1. Make sure hair is washed and dried.
2. Brush the hair thoroughly and section it down the centre.
3. Split each of those sections in two.
4. Hold each of the four sections in place with a clip and leave a small thinner section running above each ear.

5-8. Start at one of the top sections and Dutch plait the hair backwards to the crown, pulling the hair tight to the head. When you reach the crown continue to plait without picking up any extra hair. Repeat this on the other three sections and secure each plait with a clear band.

9-11. French plait the thin section of hair above each ear so that they are the same length as the Dutch plaits.
12. Gather the plaits into three separate groups. The two top centre, the two to the left, and the two to the right.

13. Plait each of these three sections together and secure them with a clear band.
14. Gently loosen the plaits by pulling them slightly.
15. Loosen a few pieces of hair around the face.
16. Loosely curl the remaining hair with irons.

17. Gently turn under the ends of the large plait with hair irons.
18. Run your fingers gently through the curls and then finish with hairspray.

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