Schwarzkopf Professional Take on Men’s Fashion Week

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Sponsoring two shows this week at London Fashion Week Men, Schwarzkopf Professional and their backstage favourites OSIS+ were used to create hair looks for the GQ China presents Pronounce show and the Ben Sherman presentation. With a total of 40 models across two shows the lead stylists tell us how to get the looks.

GQ China presents Pronounce

Inspired by the mysteries that shadows capture from Junichiro Tanizaki’s photography series and the print series of ‘Deep Sky, 1984’ by James Turrell, this S/S 2018 collection is about the interstice and shades between clothing layers inspired by east and west aesthetics on shadows. This latest collection, which in praising of shadows from Li and Zhou, is an exquisite reflection of the designers’ ‘anti-decorative’ approach to design.

The designer wanted to create a look that was tough, graphic and modern, so I worked with a wavy look but added a sculptured, modern element to it. The Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS+ Soft Glam smoothing serum added the extra gloss I needed for the look, giving it extra sheen and diamond shine. - Lead stylist, Teiji Utsumi.

Get the Look
  1. Run OSIS+ G.Force through the hair for hold and texture and then create finger waves throughout.
  2. Once your finger waves have set slightly, remove the hair clamp and break up the wave gently by adding the Schwarzkopf Professional OSIS+ Soft Glam Smoothing Elixir.
  3. Finish with a blast of OSIS+ Session Extreme Hold Hairspray to fix the look.

The second show Schwarzkopf Professional sponsored was the Ben Sherman presentation with styling assistants Evie Hepworth from Barrie Stephen and Ellie Bond from Spargo on hand to help.

Ben Sherman’s Peacock Revolution

The SS18 collection takes inspiration from the bohemian and psychedelic movements of the 1960s. Embracing the effortless style and flamboyance of the 1960’s ‘peacocks’, a moniker given to men who pioneered a distinct and colourful dress sense, the collection sees traditional patterns given a contemporary twist for the modern man.

The main reference this season was George Harrison and Mod culture. We called the hairstyle the 'Mod comb over’. We let all the models have their own style and texture but the key was that it was dry. My hero product was definitely the OSIS+ Session Label Volumizing Mousse. It added volume without making the hair heavy and created a dry texture exactly the way I wanted.” - Lead stylist, Maarit Niemela.

Get the Look
  1. First apply OSIS+ Session Label Volumizing Mousse to slightly damp hair and blow-dry the hair with a small round brush.
  2. Starting from the back, use small curling tongs to give the hair texture, but giving the effect that hair has been tonged in a lazy way. Work with random sections of the hair to give a bend, slight curl and kink to the hair.
  3. Use a small amount of the OSIS+ Miracle 15 on the ends to tame any fly away hair. If the hair is fine, add some OSIS+ Session Label Powder Cloud and OSIS+ Dust it.
  4. To finish the look, remove the clips and spritz with OSIS+ Hairspray.

Ellie Bond from Spargo said,

It was an amazing experience assisting at LFWM this season, there was such a buzz backstage and during the presentation. Maarit Neimela's late 1960s mod comb-over really complimented the collection and I loved being part of it!

Evie Hepworth from Barrie Stephen said,

Being a part of London Fashion Week Men was a fantastic experience, I was so excited to work on the Ben Sherman show. Maarit Niemla and the rest of the team were fabulous to work with; the environment was so relaxed it was quite refreshing. I learnt how to create the perfect ‘mod comb-over’, which was a very particular look but Maarit was there to help us all get it right! I had a fantastic day with a very lovely artistic team!

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