Schwarzkopf Professional X Daniele Bardis

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Taking to London Fashion week once more this season, Schwarzkopf Professional have been the choice of product backstage for lead stylist, Davide Barbieri at the Daniele Bardis Spring Summer 2020 collection.

Having fallen in love with London’s array of different architecture, from its gothic and historical buildings, to its ultra-modern towers, Daniele Bardis SS20 collection’s identity is rooted in geometry. Incorporating both contrasting characteristics, the Spring Summer 2020 idea for the hair was a fusion of gothic spiral shapes and modern elements of architecture from the skyscrapers that surround him in London.

Styled by lead stylist, Davide Barbieri, the stunning hair creations were dressed high and included various textures, shapes and colours to portray the architectural inspiration behind the looks.

Adding texture and height to the looks was essential in depicting the various geometrical shapes in London’s architecture. The looks represented new and old buildings so incorporating contrasting colours throughout the hair was important to the outfit. - Davide Barbieri

Get the Look:
  1. To get a nice, clean high ponytail, prep the hair by applying OSIS+ Hairbody Prep Spray, layered with OSIS+ Grip Extreme Hold Mousse. Then blow-dry the hair pushing it upwards from the scalp with your fingers or a paddle brush.
  2. Once dry, mist the roots with OSIS+ Flexible Hold Hairspray and brush into shape at the centre of the head. Secure it with a hair band and clean the flyways with some more hairspray.
  3. Take a section of the ponytail at the front and create a fishtail braid. Secure it with a small clear rubber band and pull the braid outward with your fingers to create texture.
  4. Backcomb the rest of the ponytail and sprinkle a small amount of OSIS+ Dust It Volume Powder to give texture and a better grip for hair pins.
  5. Twist and shape the hair in a pompadour shape and secure the base with French pins. Use OSIS+ Extreme Hold Hairspray to fix the shape.
  6. Twist the texturised braid around the height of the shape and secure it with pins.
  7. Finish the look by spraying with more OSIS+ Extreme Hold Hairspray.

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