Siah Howard Presents APTITUDE As Styled by UNITE Haircare

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Sponsoring Couture Fashion Week, UNITE Haircare was the product range of choice for the Siah Howard L’Atelier Couture Presentation. Held at the beautiful Bankside Gallery in London, session stylist, Sven Bayerbach headed up the hair team backstage as the brand showcased a selection of their exquisite gowns.

Launching her new collection ‘APTITIUDE’, the designer Siah Howard was inspired by Russian artist Natalia Avdeeva’s new series of immersive landscape paintings depicting vast coastlines and unknown beauty spots of the British countryside. Siah Howard used luxurious fabrics such as silk and chiffon to illuminate the natural beauty of Avdeeva’s paintings into her garments. This is the first time that the designer has collaborated with a fine artist.

Sven Bayerbach says,

For Siah Howard’s couture presentation we decided on three looks, a sleek knotted bun, Afro texture and smooth and shiny waves in a centre parting. The hair needed to look young, effortless and elegant. The UNITE products are super versatile and perfect to create these looks. My hero products were Blow & Set lotion, Smooth & Shine styling cream, Lazer Straight relaxing fluid, U Oil and Tricky Spray.

Get the looks
Shiny Waves
  • Apply Blow & Set and U Oil all through the hair and blow-dry with a paddle brush.
  • Create a long centre parting to the crown.
  • Use a small to medium size tong and curl hair upwards from the height of the ears. Keep the ends (depending on length of the hair 2-3 inches) straight.
  • Brush the hair and apply Smooth & Shine.
  • Tuck the hair behind the ears and fix with GO365 Hairspray
Afro Texture
  • Apply U Oil mixed with Boing Curling Crème (2:1).
  • Twist hair and diffuse.
  • Curl some random sections over tiny tongs.
  • Finish with Smooth & Shine.
Knotted Bun
  • Apply Lazer Straight and U Oil.
  • Create a long centre parting.
  • Blow-dry straight and use a flat iron to get hair poker straight.
  • Apply Smooth & Shine and create a low ponytail covering the ears using long elastic.
  • Create one knot (hair ends sticking up) and tie the ends of the elastic just above the knot.
  • Finish with GO365 Hairspray and Tricky Spray by spiking the ends.

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