Six Steps to Gorgeous Hair

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Regardless of lifestyle or diet, Simon Webster Hair’s Javier has six simple tips to help get the luscious locks you’ve always wanted…....

  1. Wash your hair properly! Unless you wash your hair every day, shampoo it twice, rinsing between, using the right product for your hair type. Pay particular attention to the scalp and make sure you rinse thoroughly.
  2. Book a consultation with your stylist to make sure you get a great haircut that works with your hair’s natural texture and your lifestyle. There’s no point having a high-maintenance style if you want to just wash-and-go.
  3. Good hair is about your styling technique, so ask your stylist to show you what they do and maybe book a 1:1 to practise it, so you can recreate it at home.
  4. Invest in the right styling products for your style and hair type.
  5. Finish your style! So many people dry their hair but then leave out the last detail, such as finishing cream, hairspray or even just brushing it though, to get that salon finish.
  6. Get the colour right. Whether you are covering grey or boosting your natural colour, your skin-tone changes constantly so have regular consultations with your colourist to make sure your shade is still right for you.

For appointments with Javier, SWH Team Stylist and Colourist, contact SWH Team reception on 01273 605 577

Image courtesy of Bumble&bumble

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