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The latest buzz word in beauty is ‘Skinimalism’ – which is the new major trend in skincare that has been fuelled by the pandemic and lockdown.

Skinimalism combines both makeup and skin care and is the new wave of natural, minimal, or no makeup beauty looks where you keep it real by showcasing your texture, pores, blemishes, discoloration, and all! Skinimalism is a push back to the world of photo filters, retouching, and the all too perfect look on Instagram. It seems now that people want to move away from these unrealistic beauty ideals and showcase their true authentic selves.

According to Pinterest’s trend report, searches for ‘how to get natural glowing skin’ and ‘natural makeup looks’ have increased by 180% over this last year. But this does not mean that the days of kohl lined eyes and bold lips are over. Skinimalism is all about enhancing what you already have with minimal makeup and skincare products, rather than covering up every mark and blemish.

Skinimalism is more sustainable and cheaper, as it strips away all the unnecessary products that we just do not need. The constant advertisements within beauty can leave many feeling overwhelmed and confused. How many of you at home have stacks of beauty products, each claiming to solve a specific complaint? This heavy combination of ingredients and chemicals on the skin can cause irritation and breakouts. This is because too many products can overwhelm and overstimulate the skin.

So, what is the first step to a skinimalist regime? The key point to remember is that a good formula does it all! What we mean is that no product is good for only one part of your skin – that’s just clever marketing! All skin shares the same everyday needs, so this means you can use just one good moisturiser instead of one for the morning and one for night.

So, what skinimalism boils down to is that you no longer need ten different products with multiple steps. Instead, it is about getting back to basics, which is not only kinder to your wallet, but to the environment too!

Top skinimalist brands for you to check out:

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