Smart Street Style Trends this Summer

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Welcoming in Spring and Summer 2019 are Indola’s latest looks inspired by the pavement catwalks of Europe. Folk Touch draws its inspiration from the carefree and natural feel of the folk art movement; while Civil Society channels the non-conformist and DIY styles of Europe’s punk scene.

Commenting on the looks, Andy Smith, Global Ambassador for Indola said, “With lighter hair taking centre stage these looks epitomise summer. Here we’re creating styles that play with texture and the hair’s own shape – elements which are bang on trend at the moment. Gone is the over-styled, instead we want natural, loose and tactile hair.”

Folk Touch

Hero products:

  • Texture Spray
  • Dry Shampoo

Harking back to a simpler era, this trend borrows from an organic spring farm aesthetic. This season’s pastels echo the texture of natural fabrics with earthy colour palettes. With a natural texture, it gives all long hair a beautiful lived in quality which is so current but also effortless.


Civil Society

Hero products:

  • Texture Powder
  • Texture Wax
  • Moulding Gel

This trend is all about edge; it’s about using the way you look to make a statement. Textured bleached shapes reference the punk element of the trend while also promoting the genderless vibe. The loose curly texture gives attitude and reads the genderless, millennial inspired aesthetic.

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