Social Media Hair Hacks (Part One) with Tara Rose Salon UAE

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Whilst there is an allure to social media trends, it is the casual use of video tutorials, without knowing the science or skills behind them, that has ended with people doing real harm to themselves and damaging their hair and skin in the process.

So, how do you know which viral hair hacks to try and which to avoid? It starts with separating fads from facts to understand why some trends are better left to the professionals.

FACT: You are not a trained hairdresser, and neither are the influencers!

That fact may sound cruel, but most of the time, it’s not these influencer's area of expertise and you’re taking advice or following the lead of someone who hasn’t a clue what they’re doing. Often, they are using scissors that are not for haircutting or they are just cutting blindly without a guide leaving them without any idea of what they're going to achieve. So, in all truth, they don't know how much length they're taking off, where it's going to sit on the head or how evenly it will be cut with cheap scissors.

Hairdressers have studied for years to be able to do this and make it look good. They study for a reason: to know the angles of how your hair will sit, and how to texturize and blend to give you the best shape for your face. There is so much more involved than just following a tutorial online. If you’re still tempted, just think you don't go trying to perform surgery on yourself or test your own eyesight because you've seen a tutorial on YouTube. Leave the cutting to the professionals, it will look way better!

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