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Social Media Hair Hacks (Part Two) with Tara Rose Salon UAE


All hairdresser training programmes will incorporate a specialist colour section as one of the basic skills needed to be a professional hairdresser.

Once the basic skill of understanding the colour spectrum and how to use it correctly for different skin tones for suitability has been learned, attention is turned to the many ways of application of colour as a service. This can take many years to perfect as trends demand new skills to achieve the latest looks. Follow this with the knowledge of the chosen brand of colour house products which all differ, then you can understand that colour education never stops even for the most experienced of colour specialists in the salons.

FACT: Colouring hair involves complex science!

If it’s not videos showing easy hacks for cutting your hair, the next most popular hair videos on social media come from colour tutorials or hacks, and there’s a lot that can be said about this being a bad idea because…

Colour is a science that stylists spend time learning during their education and training. From the process of how colour is deposited into the hair shaft to the chemical reaction and oxidation that allows certain outcomes, stylists create precise formulas with bleaching and colourants to generate precise outcomes.

But on social media, so many women are seen bleaching their entire hair and scalp without a single care. Not only is this dangerous to their scalp as bleach can burn, but over-processing can cause the hair to fall out or become severely damaged. If you’re not sure of what you’re doing with colour, you can often get streaky and discoloured results. Which, results in multiple processes or a trip to the salon to fix it. Like with cutting, professionals know best and if you want the best look for your hair, leave this to them.

Tara Rose Salons are pleased to share that colour trainings are ongoing for every hairdresser they employ in every location to ensure they are and continue to be true professionals.

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