Struggling To Intensify Your Smoky Eye

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As a make-up artist one of the most common looks I get asked for is a smoky eye. I find a lot of people say to me that they can work well with soft colours when doing their eyes, but often struggle when adding in darker shades.

The key to intensifying your smoky eye is to correctly apply your darkest shadow shade in the correct place, whilst blending seamlessly. Sounds simple right?

Without complicating it too much, I'm going to talk you through how to add that bit of drama to your usual daily eye shadow.

So once you have worked your light and mid-colours on the eye lid. Simply choose your darker shade and work the product into the outer edge of the eyes. I find it best to keep your eyes open whilst doing this. The outer edge is where the outer corner of your lashes meet. This should be your darkest point throughout.

The Bullet P325 is amazing for this, named for its resemblance to an actual bullet shape. With short compact sable bristles, it's the perfect size. This brush will pick up maximum product with little fall down under the eyes - giving you great placement and control throughout.

With your eyes still open, sweep in a ‘C’ shape about halfway inwards on the lash line under the eye. Then back up to about halfway on the crease of your eyelid to build depth. Make sure that the darkest point still remains at the outside corner of your lash line. After initial placement dust off your brush of excess product and lightly blend along your line.

And there you have your smoky eye. Be brave and don't be afraid to play around with colours and shades, the combinations are endless.

The Bullet P325 is a bargain at €8 and is available at

Hope you all found this helpful!

Aisling, Powder ‘n’ Pout

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