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Style v Fashion by X Hair Lounge Dubai

X Hair Lounge Gents Barber

Style for men refers to a person’s unique way of expressing themselves through clothing, accessories, hairstyle, and beard designs to name just a few!

Fashion for men is the popular way of dressing during a specific era and covers the styles of the present relating to the current trends as portrayed by the media and fashion houses.

Personal style is self-expression consisting of the individual’s personality and character portrayed by his choice of clothes and how to wear them.

Fashion choices can be worn outside of a work environment giving the wearer a whole new personality, as there are no boundaries, and this is their personal style.

Style is timeless and the fashion trends may not always be followed as personal style is about developing yourself and not just adopting the trends of the moment.

Fashion is timed as the latest looks leave the catwalk and filter into the shopping malls with the most fashionable wearing designer clothing to give them the edge.

So, have you found your signature look yet or is it still work in progress?

Spend time looking at men’s styling on social media and fashion magazines to decide what appeals to you most and book a personal shopper experience at one of the top stores in town to get a professional input into what really suits you and most importantly how it makes you feel!

Talk to your barber about styling your hair and beard because they style men every day and will know what suits you best!

It’s All About Style at X Hair Lounge Dubai so Book online or call: +971 4 344 9492