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Perfect Nails

Beautiful, well-groomed hands and nails is the first step for the creation of a fashionable look. As in other areas of fashion, this seasons nail trends are very diverse, so you will definitely find something for you! You can choose between natural, non-striking colours, bright and shining lights and strong tones in unusual patterns. Summer 2013 offers us a diverse range of ideas!

Keep it simple
Whether it is beauty, hair or nails this season puts the emphasis on simplicity and naturalness. If you take care of your hands and nails but you're not a fan of bright colours, this trend will definitely suit you. Keep nails short and in the shape of an oval or almond and opt for milk, delicate rose, nude or pale peach nail varnish.

These half-transparent colours highlight the natural beauty and blend very well with any style of clothing. This trend was spotted on the catwalks of Dior, Valentino, Carolina Herrera, Fendi, Lanvin and Oscar de la Renta.

Neon bright
When it comes to colourful nail polish it is safe to say that the trends for summer 2013 have stayed traditional. Almost every year bright nails are the MUST HAVE summer colour. Essie has just released her Summer Collection 2013 Neons, which every ‘bright obsessed' manicure fan has been waiting for from the beginning of May when this collection was first advertised.

The other option for strong colour lovers is the endless freedom of experimenting with colours, power and style such as red, black, different shades of pink, dark blue, light green, deep purple, gray and white.

One up-and-coming nail trend to look out for is metal! You can choose from gold, silver and pearl shades, and look for inspiration from the catwalks of Giles, Elie Saab, Kenzo, Moschino, Jason Wu, Marchesa and Carlos Miele.”

All that bling
Just like the trends in make-up, fashionable ornaments for nails have appeared this season on the catwalks, especially on Ruffian and Dsquared2. You can choose the colour as you like, and at the very end of one or two nails adorn with sequins, stones or other jewellery applications. This is the next fashion trend of 3D Nails following last year’s caviar nails.

Flawless Skin 

Every girl wants perfect looking skin for the summer holidays, so before you book any beauty service you should always remember to avoid harsh treatments like IPL Laser Rejuvenation, retinol based services or strong percentage chemical peels until the sun has lost most of its summer strength.

Here at Polished we offer a range of facials using the Biodroga Professional product range with enzyme peels and the newest nano-current technology. Enzyme peels (like Biodroga facial exfoliator with AHA) allow the skin to renew and rejuvenate cells without harsh intervention.

Nano-current technology works like a ''gym for the skin cells'' and helps them to get back to their right shape and structure so skin looks flawless and smooth. Results are usually seen after your first Polished A-lift Facial, however like with all treatments of this type we highly recommend a session of six to see real results. We also offer a luxury version of our Polished A-Lift Facial for ladies who would like an extra pampering massage and work on their décolleté area.
A-lift is designed for mature skin and we use the Golden Caviar Biodroga range in our facial - it refines the skins complexion, flattens wrinkles and helps with the appearance of fine lines. 

For those who aren't fans of beauty 'machinery' we would recommend a Polished Classic Facial (customized for your skin type) and Polished Teen Skin Facial (for young skin). You will need to follow a beauty routine everyday of cleanse, tone and moisturise, plus add extras to see results.

We highly recommend cleansing foams and oils for the summertime as they not only leave your skin clean and smooth, but they also calm redness and deeply hydrate. Our Biodroga Cleansing Oil leaves skin silky smooth, flawless looking and hydrated – the perfect cleanser for skin after sunbathing!

To even your tan and to get rid of dead skin cells you should use a gentle exfoliator one to three times a week, depending on skin sensitivity and your beauty technician’s recommendation for your skin type.

A very effective summer treatment add-on is our Collagen Ampoule - it is a 'life saver' for dehydrated tired skin. It moisturises, hydrates deep down in to the cells and leaves your skin plumped and glowing. This treatment is available in most good beauty salons as an add-on.

Finally summer moisturising! Your summer moisturiser should be a lighter consistency than your winter one - so it doesn't block the pores. We highly recommend Biodroga Oxygen Range - oxygen brightens the skin leaving it radiant and glowing, it also prevents skin from environmental damage and reduces shine. We also advice you stop using heavy make-up in the summer and swap for a light mineral powder.

Most importantly of all - SPF30 is a must in the UK at the moment. If you go to hotter countries or have fair skin you should go for SPF 50 straight away. Don't worry, a high factor will not stop you from getting an amazing tan but it will protect your skin from the negative effects of UVA and UVB light and help prevent sunburn and damage.

Hair Images: Pretty Litter, issue 4 (autumn 2012) - Hair: Simon Webster assisted by Hannah De Frateschi, both of Simon Webster Hair. Styling: Lyssa Rutherford. Make-up: Alessia Mancini. Photography: Richard Hanson

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