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Summer’s here and the Simon Webster Hair (SWH) Team have some tips for what’s hot and what’s not this season.


Short, croppy haircuts with defined shape and lots of texture will be trending for women. It’s a powerful statement but still a feminine look, think Madonna ‘Holiday’ or Jennifer Hudson.

Braids are still popular, but much more urban and less boho, with celebrities like Rita Ora and Solange Knowles seen wearing them, as well as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid for Balmain at Paris Fashion Week.


For men’s current trends, the quiff and fade is fast disappearing and is being replaced with heavy, strong fringes with a military edge. Contrasting with that, longer and more unkempt styles are also back with the resurgence of trends from the 70s and 90s. It’s more casual and less coiffured, so perfect for summer cool. And beards are definitely out.


For vivid creative colour, L’Oreal Colorful Range was launched in April and is already making big news. It’s a direct colour that, as the name suggests, ranges from pinks and oranges to blues and mauves; ideal for creating the trends of metallic’s, petroleum hues and mermaid hair.

Pastel shades are also still appearing throughout the industry shows and are popular with clients in-salon, but with dirtier, grittier tones rather than the clean baby blues and pretty pinks that have been quite popular over the last couple of years.

For a more natural colour choice, contouring is a step-on from balayage with placement of highlighted tones around the face and mid-lengths to accentuate face shape and enhance your strongest features, specifically the eyes, cheekbones and jaw line.

Holiday Sun

If you’re going on holiday, get a trim just before you leave to remove any dead ends and help control frizz in humidity. Leave colouring your hair until you get back if you can, but if you need to colour or are just chilling in the garden at home, try covering your hair with a scarf or a hat to help to prevent colour fade.

Hair protection is essential, whether you’re on holiday or just hitting the streets, so use something that protects your colour and condition. At Simon Webster Hair, we endorse Shu Uemura Art of Hair products because they are premium-quality, long-lasting and blend natural elements with scientific innovation. Shu Uemura’s Essence Absolue is a light oil that offers protection from the sun, sea and urban pollution. Use a few drops when styling or as a leave-in protector for sleeked-back summer-chic. You can also mix it with your styling products to add to their conditioning properties. Another Shu product, released in April, is the BB Creams for delivering beautiful blow-dries. There’s one for fine/medium and one for coarse hair types, to even out the porosity, offer heat protection and increase the lifespan of your blow-dry finish.

For a complimentary styling, colour or product consultation in-salon with Hannah, contact SWH Team on 01273 605577 or book online.

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