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Talking Patch Tests with Refresh Hair and Beauty Bar Dubai

Refresh Hair and Beauty Bar

Everyone’s hair and skin can react differently when new or even previously used products come into close contact during a service, and so a patch test is the preferred choice of the team at Refresh Hair and Beauty Bar in Town Square Dubai to aim to eliminate any allergic reaction for their clients.

Founder Rachael states: ”We ask our clients during the consultation if they have previous history of sensitivity or known allergy to a product of which we can make that note in their records and source an alternative if possible. If a patch test is recommended, then we use a small amount of the product and apply behind the ear for hair services or the inside of elbow for eyebrow tint or wrist for leg wax testing.

“Once applied you will need to wait for at least 24 hours to see if any side effects occur such as redness, itchiness or swelling. Every manufacturer will have its own guidelines which should be followed and usually you patch test when using a new product and then again a few months later in case the ingredients have changed in the product.”

Products that may need to be patch tested are:

  • Hair Colours
  • Perming Lotion
  • Brow and Lash Tints
  • Hair Removal Wax

The decision to patch test lies in the hands of the professionals in the salon because they want to deliver the service you are requesting but they also want to avoid any problems that could occur if you are sensitive to a product.

Therefore, clients should share any knowledge of sensitivity they may have even in relation to soaps, washing powders, food, or medicines because salons want you to enjoy the service and look and feel great!

“We want our clients to know we take their health and well-being seriously and to know they are in safe hands when they visit our salon.”

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