Terry Longden’s Autumn/Winter Colours

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Terry Longden certainly knows a thing or two about colour! As Artistic Director of colour for Matrix, he travels the UK and Ireland educating hairdressers in all aspects of colouring. Terry is now running his own salon, Terry Longden Creatives, but took time out to give us the inside take on the hottest hair colour trends for Autumn/Winter 2018.

The great thing about hair colour at the moment is that no one can really predict what is going to be the next ‘big thing’, as clients really do ‘like what they like’ no matter how we try to influence them. We’ve seen this from balayage, rose gold and ice grey hair, which seem to have no end in sight. The upside of this though is that hair colour houses are creating more fabulous rose and grey shades to choose from without having to ‘cocktail’ a hit or miss tone. This combined with superb technology through the upsurge in ‘bond protectors/builders’ has made creating the perfect canvas a whole lot better.

Armed with this information and the idea that when a client says she wants a change, what she really means is ‘the same but different’. Therefore I predict that the existing cool balayage clients will begin to caramelise their look, greys will start introducing more pastelised vivids here and there into the mix, the rose gold’s will start to get richer, deeper and in some cases more vivid; and the deeper brown, mocha and chocolate hued clients will start looking towards an expensive looking, rich, cool and high shine ‘Blackberry’ or ‘Mulled Wine’ result to compliment the cooler light as the summer sun departs.

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