Texture at the Grammys

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There appeared to be two types of style at this year’s Grammy Awards – hair-up with texture or hair-down with texture. Either way, natural looking hair ruled the evening.

These relaxed styles, which do not get us wrong; a lot of work has gone into each delicately placed strand, worked well against the artists’ couture gowns and outfits. Hair seemed to take a back seat in this year’s awards with more emphasis given to the eyes, which were often heavy and smokey. The combination of smudged eyeliner and bed-head hair oozed sex-appeal on the red carpet. Unless of course you are Lady Gaga, in which she hid her peepers behind dark aviators and opted for a bold red lip.

Smokey eyes will always be in style, but natural hair and working with what you’ve got is a big trend for 2017. See our ‘Air Dry’ article on how to rock what nature gave you.

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