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Short hair took 2022 by storm and the sleek chin length bob was a showstopper for many celebrities on the red carpet, with A-list stars such as Claire Danes, Bella Hadid, and Michelle Williams all sporting the look.

Although not always the number one trend, this classic and timeless style, which made its debut in the roaring 20s, will always and forever remain a firm favourite. Just as Coco Chanel became a fashion symbol for the era, the bob was granted the equivalent status as a symbolic hairstyle that allowed women to cast away the more restrictive and conservative Victorian styles. To this day, fashion mavens such as Anna Wintour champion the original style but variations continue to emerge updating it each year, so it remains culturally and fashionably relevant.

The bob is a timeless shape for a reason - it can be so versatile given the correct styling aids and products and styled across all spectrums, from sleek and shiny to wild and textured.

While everybody can wear this deliciously daring style, it’s most definitely not a “one size fits all” look. This style is very personal to everyone and should be tailored specifically according to multiple factors, including each person’s face shape, hair texture, and lifestyle.

Victoria Beckham was one of the pioneers in the bob’s reinvention. In creating the longer front and tapered back, it gave the bob a modern edgy touch and multiple reincarnations have happened ever since. A bob is one of the few haircuts that gives women the power to completely change their projected image with small styling changes.

A chic jawline bob is a low-maintenance way to wear the trend, because if it is any longer - right on or just past the shoulder – it will be tough to prevent your hair from flipping out on your shoulders.

Just as fashion is moving away from lounge wear and embracing a more sophisticated style of dressing once again, the hair industry’s version of the grown-up trend is defined by the classic bob.

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Image: Carrie Fee, Senior Stylist at Pastels Salon Jumeirah

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