The 90s is Back!

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It’s official - strategically-placed tendrils popular in the early 1990s is the comeback style for spring/summer 2020.

Seen on the red carpets by Dua Lipa, Margot Robbie, Pixie Lott and Scarlet Johansson, it’s a quick and easy way to transform a style for spring.

A tendril is ideal for softening any updo. Hair pulled off the face can look severe and strong but adding some tendrils around the face gives it a soft and feminine finish. It makes a hair-up more wearable for people of all ages. And the great thing is, it suits everyone. The key to making it modern is to leave a good amount of hair out - you want it to make a statement rather than be wispy. It’s best on short and mid-length hair - long hair can look limp and doesn’t flatter the face. A soft wave or kink is also important, so it doesn’t look like curtains and appears to be part of the overall look. - TONI&GUY international artistic director, Philipp Haug

Philipp’s tips for wearing 2020 tendrils
  1. The key is wearing them with a centre parting, so it gives the style some asymmetry and a strong look.
  2. If you want something softer, move the parting to the side.
  3. Don’t overload the hair with product - a simple spritz of hairspray is enough. Otherwise it will start to look crunchy and dated.
  4. Tendrils can be dressed up or dressed down - soft and wavy is perfect for a feminine finish, while stronger sections are ideal for those looking for something more directional.

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