The Art of Fragrance Cocktailing

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Leighton Denny MBE was the beauty genius behind colour cocktailing - blending two of his eponymous nail shades to create another. Now he has gone one step further, to create a fool-proof approach to fragrance cocktailing.

Have you ever wanted more depth, more freshness, more edge or even more playfulness in your perfume? Well, some clever cocktailing and the Light & Dark by Leighton Denny collection can give you all of this. Just follow Leighton's fragrance cocktailing A B C . . . 

  • Ask yourself what you want from your fragrance
  • Blend your chosen perfumes
  • Control your bespoke scent

All of the Light & Dark range can be ‘cocktailed’ together, but they can also be added to your current perfume to give that extra ‘something’. For more depth reach for Light & Dark Original, for that hit of freshness grasp Light & Dark Lively, for an exciting edge grab hold of Light & Dark Desire, and for that note of playfulness try a squeeze of Light & Dark Delightful.

If it's your first attempt, I'd advise using tissue strips - spray one fragrance on each strip and mark it (it is so easy to lose track!), then pull them together in different groupings until you find your eureka moment. Apply the stronger scent first and immediately mist the second over it, as a little residual moisture allows the two scents to fuse. Now you can think about adding more!

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