The Art of Hot Tools

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Heated styling tools are a staple part of any hair aficionado’s diet. Tongs for curling, straighteners for smooth and sleek locks, hot brushes for easy styling, curling rods for glamorous waves – whatever your style, there’s a hot tool waiting in the wings to help you out.

Although these tools are fantastic at what they do – we shiver in horror at the memory of life pre-straighteners – we must be careful in how we use them and the effects and damage that can be caused to our hair with excessive and incorrect use.

To help you out, we have turned to the king of hot tools, Haysam Eid, Managing Director of EIDEAL – tools that are loved by beauty influencers and hair industry gurus.

While the market is flooded with different hairstyling tools from a variety of brands, there is one prevalent factor that distinguishes EIDEAL tools and that is quality. As they are made using the best possible high-quality materials, EIDEAL tools have been manufactured to withstand a lot of wear and tear, as well as the continuous use they would experience in a salon environment, which means they will generally last longer than those made solely for home use. One example of this is EIDEAL’s DiamonSilk. It is completely unrivalled in the market, as it is the first hair straightener ever to be made with diamond coated plates. This use of rare nano-diamonds creates an unparalleled shine and protects the hair from damage; whilst the moving plates ensure that no hair is missed. This is particularly beneficial for those with difficult to manage, ultra-thick, curly or afro hair and want to make it look smoother with a flat iron. – Haysam Eid

Haysam, when it comes to the temperature of the tools that an individual is using, what do you recommend here?

Everyone's hair is different, so it takes some experimenting to find the ideal temperature for a particular hair type. For instance, fine hair is very fragile, so a lower temperature of 180°C works best for fine hair types. For normal to medium hair types, the temperature is best kept at around 200°C, while for coarse, thick hair the temperature could go up to 230°C to help secure the best results.

It’s important to remember that not everyone’s hair is the same and what might work for some hair types may not work for others. For instance, in many cases, having your hair tool on the highest heat does not always guarantee the best results. Rather it is best to devise a styling protocol appropriate to individual hair types: one that ensures the hot hair tool is at the correct temperature, and that suitable hair products are chosen.

What is your top tips and advice when it comes to using heated styling tools?

As a general rule, hair must be dry before using the flat iron, as this quickens the styling process and minimises the heat exposure to the hair. In addition to proper temperature control, I believe product choice is crucial and my particular go-to product when using hot hair tools is Davines OI All-in-One Milk. In addition to offering heat protection, it leaves hair frizz-free and with a healthy, silky shine, which is the ultimate hair goal everyone is striving to achieve!

Although still a relative newcomer to the hair industry, premium hair tool innovator and distributor, EIDEAL is revolutionising the hair industry with its pioneering collection of stylish hair tools, numerous accolades, and army of fans in the form of celebrity stylists and influencers such as Jen Atkin.

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