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Provide a compassionate and professional service for cancer patients who have lost their hair by following Becca Morgan of Morgan’s Hair, Beauty & Wig Specialist’s seven essential words of wisdom.

Have you ever considered how you can help clients with medical hair loss conditions or cancer patients in-salon? If you haven’t, then take Becca Morgan’s advice for helping those who are losing their hair or have lost their hair and are looking for professional help.

  1. With breast cancer, if a client has been advised they will lose their hair, it’s normally 15 to 17 days after their first chemotherapy treatment. Your client may experience a sore scalp or a tingling sensation.
  2. At night, advise your client to wear a soft cap or a turban to collect loose hair. If your client’s hair is seven inches or longer, they could donate it to The Little Princess Trust to help towards making a wig for a child.
  3. Discuss whether your client would like to have their hair cut shorter before it starts to fall out. This will help them get used to how it may look when it starts to grow back.
  4. Once your client’s hair has fallen out, it’s important for clients to still shampoo and moisturise their scalp with non-perfumed products. Suggest sulphate-free products, as client’s skin will become more sensitive when they are going through chemotherapy treatment.
  5. Your client’s hair will start to grow back as soon as their chemotherapy finishes. It may grow back a different colour and texture to what it was before. Some straight haired women will find their hair grows back curly, however in time the curls will relax.
  6. Your client should only consider colouring their hair six months after their final treatment. You should always advise your clients to have a skin test before their first colour.
  7. If a client is having the cold cap treatment, do not colour their hair during this time. Suggest a sulphate-free shampoo and advise them to wash their hair no more than twice a week. It’s important for cancer patients to comb their hair daily with a wide tooth comb to prevent matting. They should avoid using dryers, irons and styling products while having the treatment. Finally, suggest root touch-up sprays to disguise hair loss areas.

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