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It’s a common myth that letting your hair dry naturally is healthier for your hair, when in fact air drying your hair is causing more damage than blow-drying!

Here’s why…

Everything you do to your hair from washing, handling and even combing can cause a certain amount of damage. Like extreme heat, water also makes the hair weaker and more prone to damage. Wet hair causes the hair fibre to swell and become weaker. So, it is in our interest to transform the hair from wet to dry as quickly as possible, as in its dry state the hair is at its strongest. - Dafydd Thomas, ghd global head of education

Choose the correct hairdryer

When the hair is dry it can also be impacted by what we know as mechanical damage, this is where friction on the hair is created and can pull on the hair causing breakage and surface damage. Choosing the correct hairdryer is important to alleviate this, ghd helios hair dryer contains Aeroprecis Technology, an advanced internal aerodynamics which gives the hair 3X more hair alignment allowing your hands and brush to glide through the hair easier.

The best way to dry your hair

ghd global head of education, Dafydd Thomas, shares his top tips for the healthiest way to dry your hair:

Step 1: Start by using a scrunching motion when towel drying; do not rub the towel across hair when wet, hair is weak so is broken more easily when wet.

Step 2: Spritz wet hair with the ghd bodyguard heat protect spray; this provides an invisible barrier against everyday heat damage and provides cuticle protection, preventing vertical cracks inside the cuticle which fundamentally causes split ends and irreversible damage.

Step 3: Use the ghd helios hairdryer and start on a lower heat setting; high temperatures can cause damage to wet hair so start at the lowest setting and very slowly increase the heat as hair becomes more dry.

Step 4: Choosing the right attachment for your hair is also important and the ghd helios hairdryer has a range of attachments available, including:

  • Narrow styling nozzle – If you’re after a salon worthy blow-dry full of volume and shape this is the attachment for you. Paired with the ghd ceramic radial brush you can perfectly sculpt your hair adding volume and shape with enhanced hair alignment and shine.
  • The wide styling nozzle - This is great if you want to blow-dry your hair smooth, quickly. As it is wider it covers a larger surface area on your brush decreasing styling time while also maintaining smooth airflow for 30% more shine.
  • The comb styling nozzle – This is perfect for adding additional volume and shape to your hair whilst not disturbing its natural movement. It’s also great for stretching out your natural texture in preparation for a smooth blow-dry.
  • Professional Diffuser – If you’re looking to enhance and define natural curls this is the perfect attachment. It allows you to cup your hair for a natural finish but also allows airflow to exit through the tips of the prongs, enabling you to dry your roots at the same time as your lengths.

Step 5: When you start to feel the hair warm up, that’s your signal to start to turn the heat up on your hairdryer to complete and set your style.

ghd helios (£159) and attachments are available in the finest salons, premium retailers and

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