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The Importance of Me Time


I am Rachael Mhawech owner of Refresh Hair & Beauty Bar in Dubai, UAE…

This is my first time to write an editorial so here we go… Since starting my beauty therapy education in 2004 at a college in Leeds in the UK, I have travelled the world working and learning new skills to benefit my career in the industry that I feel so extremely passionate about.

Image of Rachael Mhawech, owner of Refresh Hair & Beauty Bar

Rewinding back to the beginning, I originally qualified in business studies, as this was an area I excelled in and loved equally. Whilst working in the field I felt a strong sense there was something else I was born to do, and while spending my whole salary in beauty salons, I remember thinking, “what a beautiful job, having the power to help people feel good”. So, I went back to college as a mature student to launch my world of beauty and business opportunities at the tender age of 19. Over 20 years later I worked my way up from senior therapist to opening two salons in the Middle East.

Written on the back of our current staff uniform is a quote: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do!” This quote is what I stand by in my beauty career, as I believe you need to be blessed with having the passion for the job to truly excel and be the best. I have never felt throughout my 20-year career in beauty that I am ‘working’, even after doing many a 13-hour shift in my own salon. I truly don’t feel it is work and I believe it is the reason I am still going strong to this day.

Back in 2004 the hair and beauty industry were regarded as more of a luxury than a necessity, but today I believe most people will at some point visit a salon, sometimes weekly in certain parts of the world. Our job is becoming broader and more sought after, and although a lot of what we do has to be learnt in an academy, there are many self-taught talented individuals starting a career out of pure passion for learning to do what they see all over the internet. As an employer I require more experience and talent with the right attitude and growth mindset to bring people into my team, as over the years I have experienced some of the most educated people in the field fail due to the lack of passion for what they do.

Refresh Hair & Beauty Bar salon interior images

My main purpose as a beauty therapist and a salon owner is to make women feel good about themselves, and when we look good on the outside, we feel better on the inside. As a busy mother of two gorgeous girls, I know how hard it can be to put yourself first, but when we do give ourselves back some ‘me time’ we are a better mum, wife, and friend, as that confidence radiates throughout your life.

When your hair is feeling flat, your skin is breaking out or your nails are broken, you don’t feel your best self, but if you take a little ‘me time’ to put right the things that are taking away your zest for life, you will see how it immediately ‘Refreshes’ your day! And when I am sat at the reception of our salon, it’s the question I regularly ask our clients as they leave, “Do you feel refreshed?” and the answer is always “Yes!” For me this is what fuels the love for my job! This investment in yourself is priceless and very much deserved, which is why I can confidently say “me time is not selfish” and is the very reason I chose to open my second salon in Dubai, so I can be part of offering this feeling to our clients in a country where everyone is so busy. We all need a little push at times to remember the importance of “me time” and to live the best version of ourselves.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead and thank you for reading,

Rachael x

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