The Perfect Ponytail

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The timeless ponytail has been around for years. Whether you throw your hair back in an elastic without any thought or if time is spent perfecting the style in front of your mirror, Ponytails are never out of fashion.

We caught up with Bekka from Samuel Chapman Salon, a hair-up specialist who’s here to tell you which ponytail best suits your face shape.

Did you know there is a perfect ponytail for every face shape?

Round face; go high!

The height of your hair at the crown will balance out the roundness in your cheeks by elongating your face. To go further you could also tease the ends of your hair out to give balance. We would advise steering clear of very sleek looks as this could accentuate the roundness in your face. Don't panic if you don't have enough length in your hair to create a high ponytail. You can take yours lower but let a few pieces of hair come down next to your face, this will soften any harshness from where your hair is pulled back.

Angular face; go soft!

If your jaw line is more chiselled then it is important to soften off the angles. By parting your hair in the centre and leaving out pieces to frame the face you will create a flowing feel. Keep the hair around your face the same length for balance and add a slight bend to them. You could also use a curling wand to wave the hair at the ends of your ponytail to hide the width in your cheek bones and make sure the result is softening. Aim to direct the base of your ponytail just under your crown for best results.

Wider forehead; soft fringe!

A wider forehead and a narrow chin can look too 'top heavy'. The best way to distract from this is to create a softer fringe which can cover the wider forehead and draw attention to the cheek bones making your face seem longer. The ponytail should be just under the crown where it will open up your face without drawing the eye upwards. The hair at the ends of your ponytail can be worn smooth, but by adding texture it will add width around the bottom of your face adding balance to the top.

Oval face; lucky you!

If you are lucky enough to have been born with an oval face shape you can do whatever you choose! Whether you want to wear your hair sleek, messy, high or low, it’s up to you to be as adventurous as you'd like.

Diamond face; use definition!

Diamond shaped faces are similar to those with an oval face, but there is more definition around the chin and cheekbones. Having defined cheekbones are never a bad feature, but you don't want your hair to create a cone like shape. Add volume above your crown to create some roundness and pull the ponytail back just underneath it. I prefer to keep the hair textured, but If you are looking for a sleek finish you could take a small piece of hair out from the ponytail and wrap it around the base where your elastic sits and secure with a grip, then run over the ends with straightening irons.

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