The Perfect Summer Glow

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Although it feels like our summer has ended, it doesn’t mean you have to give up that perfect bronzed glow.

Powder ‘n’ Pout’s Aisling Cunningham reveals the key items you need in your make-up bag to achieve a perfect summer bronze.

For those of you who are like me, and don’t like to wear heavy make-up in the sun, why not opt for a simple contour and glow?

Here I show you the products that won't be leaving my make-up bag this summer season.

SOSU Highlighter Kit

I have been using this palette a lot. It is the perfect combination of highlighter shades to suit everybody and the pigment is incredible. There are six shades, which you can use alone or mix together. My absolute favourite shade is ‘Moon Sparkle’ as it suits any skin tone.

The shades can also be used as eye shadows (so great for those trying to compact their luggage!). The top three shades are pressed powders and the bottom three shades are baked powders, both leaving a different texture for your desired finish.

Flormar Face & Body Bronzing Powder

As a MAC lover I find it hard to move away from my ‘mineralised skin-finish’ powder, although Flormar have really swayed me with this bronzing powder. It really is amazing and great value for money. It is available in three shades and the pan is actually bigger than your hand.

It is such a beautiful bronzer for warming up your skin both on your face and body. I love the texture; it is so soft and easy to pick up on your brush while blending out easily.

Image Skincare Prevention+ Daily Hydrating Moisturiser

If we are talking perfect summer glow I think we have to at least acknowledge that if we are off out enjoying the sunshine we need to also be thinking skin protection. I've added this into my daily skin routine this past few months and I am really noticing a difference.

SPF was not something I'd thought a lot about unless I was directly out in the sun, but I've noticed my skin has not been as sensitive since I've started this. It's not too greasy on the skin and make-up sits nicely on top. This is a little pricey, but I'm finding the bottle goes a long way, and while the summer months are here I'm considering it a product I’m going to splurge on.

St. Tropez Instant Tan Gloss

This is a product that really surprised me to be honest, we all love a good tan and I'm sure we all have our firm favourites. But I think this is something you could pop into your routine no matter what brand of tan you are currently using. I'm sure we all find at the end of our tanning routine our tan starts to fade and feel dull. This is the perfect product to liven it up again and bring back that glow without having to worry about your tan wearing off horribly – it’s also great if you just love that real glossy look without a glittery sparkle. Perfect on your legs, arms, collar bone or anywhere you want to give a little glow.

I wear both with and without tan underneath.

Now the brushes…

The Duo Tapered Powder P210

The Duo Tapered Powder P210 is one of our most popular brushes, simply because it really is a multi-use brush. This brush works with each and every one of the products mentioned above; SPF, body gloss, illuminating primer, shimmer and highlighter! It's rounded, double-chiselled and duo fibre, which doesn’t absorb product, therefore applying your product smoothly and packing it on lightly.

The Angled Blush Brush P120

This is a much-loved brush and those of you who know Mark Rogers (formerly Mark Benefit); this is the brush he raves about! The Angled Blush P120 brush is designed to mould into the angles of the face, making it ideal to achieve the perfectly blushed, bronzed skin required for a summer glow! With its dense base and fluffy tip, it is one of our many multi-use brushes; it can be used with cream and powdered blushers and bronzers!

So for the remaining summer months think light, fresh, bronzed, glowing skin. 

Aisling x

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