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British professional hairstyling tool brand ghd partnered with premium vintage-inspired fashion brand, Rixo to show its SS23 collection, Postcards from Goa, at London Fashion Week on Saturday 17th September.

Inspired by the city of Goa in India, the collection incorporates the vibrant colours and prints seen around the Latin Quarter of the city, celebrating the bold hand-painted patterns and colourful flowers which can be seen everywhere.

In partnership with ghd, UK Trade Ambassador, James Earnshaw and his team brought summer simplicity to life through a soft waved look using the new ghd curve classic curl tong (£139).

My absolute favourite is the ghd curve classic curl tong which we used at the SS23 Rixo show. You can use it to create anything from a bouncy wave, a faux blow-dry or a beachy wave as well. This tool is a staple of the season that you can use on different hair lengths, textures and you can create many different looks with it. Its versatility is fantastic! – ghd UK Trade Ambassador, James Earnshaw

Bright patterns, impactful icons and soft fabrics adorn the Rixo signature hand-painted prints, sourced and reworked on new shapes and silhouettes. This season sees the brand having developed its own hand-painted patterns along with incorporating block prints for the first time, as well as introducing new detailing within this collection, featuring elegant rose corsages, lace trims, sweetheart necklines and crochet.

The designs in this collection are inspired by everything in Goa: from the colour of the houses to the prints on tiles, even postcards which gives the collection its name. We took back the idea of dried flowers, vibrant colours, vintage prints, and all the Portuguese influence of Goa and transferred into our prints which can be seen in the collection. – Rixo Cofounders Orlagh McCloskey and Henrietta Rix

Showcased in The Hop Exchange in London Bridge, the presentation transported guests to the west coast of India with its bold, bohemian pieces presented against a backdrop of beautiful ceramics and tiles.

Get the Soft Summer Wave look by James Earnshaw

For the hair look we wanted to keep it beautiful, premium looking and classic. We wanted it to feel opulent, so we went with a central parting and beautiful shiny waves that looked bouncy and glossy. It’s important to use a flat wrap technique round the barrel of the curling tong which creates a bouncy curl rather than a loose wave. This look is great because it could be worn out in the day or night, it’s very versatile. You can wear the soft wave at night and then in the morning shake it out into more beachy waves. – James Earnshaw

  • Begin by saturating the hair with ghd curly ever after (£18.95)
  • Use your ghd tail comb (£8.95) to create a clean centre parting
  • Using the ghd helios professional hairdryer (£179) dry the hair into the neat centre parting you created, and use the ghd oval dressing brush (£23) to smooth down the hair and tuck behind the ears, creating a super sleek look
  • Using the ghd curve classic tong (£139) take small sections from the mid-lengths of the hair and flat wrap the hair round the barrel, ensuring to curl in the same direction working away from the face
  • Pin the curls in place and let them cool for up to an hour
  • Use the ghd oval dressing brush (£23) to brush out the curls, creating a soft bouncy wave in the hair
  • Spritz the final look with ghd perfect ending hairspray (£14.95) and leave to set
  • Finish by using the ghd shiny ever after (£15.95) for a glossy, shiny finish

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