The Waterfall Braid

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We can almost smell the muddy whiff of festival season, which gives us a good excuse to start planning our summer hair now. With celebrities from Rihanna to Amanda Holden jumping on the braid bandwagon, we turned to Charles Worthington's Art Team Director, Marc Trinder, to share his expert step-by-step for the waterfall braid.

STEP 1: Begin by taking three pieces of hair on one side of the head by the temple. Start to plait these strands. This is done by picking up a section of hair on top of the braid (from below the parting) and taking it into the middle.

STEP 2: The next natural step would be to do the same for the underneath strand before placing it in the middle, however, you need to drop this strand and take a new piece of hair from underneath where the braid is sitting. This becomes your strand of hair which you then place in the middle. The next strand is taken on top and merged in the braid. Continue and repeat whilst working round to the other side.

STEP 3: Once you reach the opposite side, simply braid down the length of the piece of hair remaining. Secure with a small clear band.

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