The World of Colour Correction

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So…this really is a grey area in the world of hairdressing! For some, any form of colour change would constitute as the correction of colour and other professionals will ear mark this under the section of a colour change. It all depends on what the client wants.

Now we don’t want to sound mean here, but this really is the hardest part to figure out. What do you really want, and then making sure that is going to suit you. There are many hairdressers out there that won’t even take that into consideration, but for us at Vivid Hair Northampton, this is a must! Believe it or not, just because you’re of fair skin doesn’t mean being ash white blonde is your chosen shade of hue, nor does it mean if your olive skinned that heading towards the shimmery hills of blondeness is going to make you look anymore tanned.

If you’re looking to change your colour, whether it’s due to something that went wrong or to mix up your look a bit, please take the following into consideration:

  • Listen to what the stylist is saying regarding the process. Do not be disheartened if your result may not happen overnight.
  • Do be aware that this is NOT A CHEAP SERVICE. You are paying for the technician’s time, expertise and possibly specialist treatments that can be incorporated to ensure the condition of your hair such as Innoluxe or Olaplex.
  • Be aware what you think may be achievable or what might not be. And this isn’t because it can’t be done, but the chances are it might just look horrendous and no great colour tech will put their name to something that will make your friends question “where did you go for that?”
  • Your idea of a dark blonde, to ours, your sisters or your aunt is going to be completely different, as we all see colours differently. So, make sure you point on the shade chart to what you’d like the stylist to aim for.
  • Bring in lots of pictures, put your thumb over the face and then ask yourself is it the hair or the model you like.
  • While we are on photos, LOTS ARE PHOTOSHOPPED! Most hairdressers will be able to spot this so again, back to our first point… Don’t be disheartened.
  • We really do want to give you what you want but we also want to make sure your hair stays in good nick and retain our reputations within our industry, so to help us do this, BE HONEST. If you have box dyed your hair black for 17 years tell us. If you have put a brunette colour wash over blue… Tell us. If you really don’t know what they used before, tell us!
  • Always book in for a skin and strand test 48 hours before your appointment if you haven’t used that salon before. ALWAYS!
  • And please make your tech aware of any products you use at home if they haven’t asked you themselves. Some colours and peroxides can react to poor quality homecare products which could mean your colour may not take how you would like or worse, leave it with irreversible damage.

With all this info, do not be put off by experimenting with your look, if you’ve been baby blonde all your life but fancy changing to a vixen red head…. DO IT! You can go back blonde if your technician is advanced enough - any highly-qualified stylist will hold registration with The Hairdressers Council - and check out a body of their work before you book in!

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