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Tips For Uplifting Dark Hair


evo International Creative Colour Director, Tom Smith gives us his tips for uplifting darker-haired clients this summer.

Your darker-haired clients may want the option of going lighter for the summer months, and with various techniques available, dramatically lightening your client’s hair is possible without the hassle. 

A woman with afro textured blonde hair

According to Tom, going lighter doesn’t always have to go hand in hand with more frequent salon visits, but clients should be aware it does come with added home maintenance to keep the hair looking healthy. “Colour can be applied in a way that blends seamlessly as it grows out, but you want to ask your client if they are willing to incorporate regular home treatments. There’s so many to choose from depending on their hair type, such as evo mane attention or great hydrator depending on whether more protein or moisture is required. Also, a deep consultation on the preferred tone direction and the expectations from the client will ensure success for both you and the client.”

When it comes to the best techniques, Tom says there’s a choice for creating the perfect modern colour: “For simplicity and minimalism, either a perfect global shade – which comes with higher maintenance - or a fluid and seamless blend are the two main choices. Keeping toners universal or shadowed at the roots and brighter at the ends gives a fresh, yet lived in look which tends to look most naturally modern.”

Tom’s top tips for taking darker clients lighter for the summer…

  • Ensure there is a commitment to maintaining the condition in and out of the salon.
  • Ensure your client has their own bottle of custom maintenance conditioner such as evo fab pro to keep their tone salon fresh.
  • Agree upon whether the lightening happens across one larger appointment or is built up over multiple visits. This helps to manage expectations and fit the new colour into various budgets and time frames.
  • Communicate how the hair will respond to a summer lifestyle such as swimming and sun exposure.
  • Ask whether your client wants to identify as a ‘blonde’ or a ‘brunette with added detail’. This helps you determine how much of the deeper base to retain when lightening.

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