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Tips to Lifting Dark Hair

As we head into autumn, it’s important not to forget your darker haired clients.

L’Oreal Professionnel Global Ambassador Siobhan Jones says adding depth to your natural base colour can be just as important as your blonde: “As we head into autumn the natural light changes, it gets darker and duller, so we need to make sure dark hair looks shiny and light.”

Here's Siobhan’s tips for lifting dark hair…

  1. Leave negative space. Leaving natural hair in between will create contrast, which will make the lighter hair appear lighter and cooler.
  2. Less is more. When lifting on the first appointment, focus on lifting fewer sections. You can spend more time getting the areas you are lifting lighter.
  3. Start lifting at the front. If your client has not had colour before and has hard-to-lift hair, start working on the areas that are seen first.
  4. Take thin sections. The thinner the sections, the lighter they will lift.
  5. Use foil. Foil generates heat, which generates lift. So even if you are colouring freehand, enclose it in foil.

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