Top Tips For Achieving Perfect Brows

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Although natural looking brows are where it’s at right now, sometimes we need just a small helping hand to really get our brows looking good.

Knowing what products to use, and when and how to use them, is often half the battle in achieving great looking brows. So, we caught up with Tori Rosero, founder of Glowblade Academy, to get her top tips on achieving flawless looking brows.

Tip 1: Get the perfect skinny pencil!

Getting the perfect skinny pencil is rule number one; one that creates the best hairs and of course lasts all day saving you from worrying about the product transferring off halfway through your day.

For mums especially and people on the go this is crucial. Using the pencil, create thin, fine strokes at the front of your brows. This will give you an illusion of real hair, which is super important if you are wanting your brows to look as natural as possible!

Plouise Eyebrow Pencil is a winner for quick morning brows.

Tip 2: Use a brow pomade!

Always use a brow pomade if you are wanting to cover more area on your brows. We literally can’t exaggerate enough the difference your brows will look if you use one. Apart from the coverage, we can also double up the product as an eyeliner and shadow making the product multi-functional. Apply this using an angled brush just gliding through your brows with a flicking motion, so you don’t get a block brow affect!

We recommend using Kat Von D’s brow pomade - the consistency is like gel which will give your brows a smooth texture. This product glides on for a quick application! And is also vegan & cruelty free!

Tip 3: Brow gel!

If you have fuller brows, you may not find the need to use a pencil or pomade as this will make your brows look to block like, instead use a brow gel. With this product you don’t want to overdo it and add too much product as this won’t hold properly! Gently glide the product upwards through your brows in your brow hair direction, by pulling the hairs too far up your brows will look far too thick and it doesn’t flatter the face. Give it a few seconds to dry then use your finger to gently pad down the hairs - this will help the product to flatten the hair down to avoid any hair poking out during the day!

I recommend using Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow gel, it’s important to not use one with a tint to it if you have fuller brows as again this will be too much product to your already fuller brows.

Tip 4: Keep a kit for on-the-go!

Always keep a mini brow kit in your bag for when you are on-the-go. A kit to pop in your bag is very handy if you’re permanently on the move and need your brows to be on point anytime, anywhere! It's also super handy to keep close for any stray hairs that need to be plucked to get a refined shape!

We recommend using a brow kit that comes with tweezers, scissors, and a small, angled brush. In particular, the MASQD kit comes with scissors, mascara brush, angled brush, tweezers, and a sharpener.

Tip 5: Take it easy!

Never be too harsh with your brows! The trend to have very natural brows is back! However, too much product at the front of your brows will cause what’s known as “angry brows” - you must make sure that the front of your brow bulb is a soft as possible! If you think you’ve gone too harsh by mistake at the front and you just don’t have time to redo them, use a mascara wand and gently brush back and forth upwards to disperse some of the product. This works wonders.

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