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Top Tips for Great Imagery on Social Media

Whether you’re showcasing your latest colour creation, or entering an Instagram competition, there’s more to capturing your look for social media than placing your model against a white wall. 

There’s still time to enter the evo hue-verse best in hue award, where colourists are invited to showcase a top-notch hue-verse colour creation that has been captured on a smartphone and posted to Instagram, along with the formula and hashtag #bestinhue. Closing date is 24 May 2024. Judges include evo international creative colour director Tom Smith. Discover more and enter here!

evo creative team member Ky Wilson says there are lots of things hairdressers can do to take their Instagram to the next level, “There are so many hairdressers who are doing this well; check out @bel_pipsqueekinsaigon who nails it every time.”

Here, he offers his simple tips to cleaner images for social media…


  • Make sure you clean your camera: Not doing this can impact the quality of your shots. A smudge or dusty camera lens can blur the photos and videos. Also, this reduces if not totally removing the glare for the lights in the background! 
  • Lighting: Natural daylight wins every time when it comes to shooting content on your phone. If not, learn how to light your models using artificial lights but please, no ring lights!
  • Settings: Select media quality and then select upload at highest quality to ensure the best version of your work is seen by the world.
  • Editing: If you’re going to mess around with editing, please keep it real. Altering the image too much sets an unrealistic expectation for our audience and sets us up for failure in the long run.
  • Don’t worry about what other people think or are doing: Concentrate on yourself. Create your own style and enjoy the process.