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Top Tips for Healthy Hair with Hair Signature Salon Dubai

Hair Signature

The team at Hair Signature Salon Dubai sees many clients every week with many different haircare requests across a range of hair types, but the main goal for the stylists is to always promote healthy hair.

The healthy hair journey starts in the salon with a fact-finding consultation to understand the history of the hair and to analyse the hair and scalp condition while considering the client service requests.

With so many colour services being on trend, the average head of hair can take quite a decline in hair health over time depending on how much love and attention it is given to both in-salon visits and at home haircare.

3 Top Tips that are a must for your healthy hair journey…

Regular Trims

Your hairdresser will advise you on how often you need a trim, which will depend on your current hair condition and the style you have. Short hair clients will need a regular trim to keep the shape looking strong whereas long hair wearers will need to keep those split ends in check.

Having the smallest of snips on longer hair can help to keep it looking good and feeling good too.

Professional Products

Again, your stylist will advise on the correct products you should be using on your hair in between salon visits to ensure the healthy look continues beyond the salon service.

Professional products sold in salons are specifically made for each hair type and years of research and development are undertaken to ensure the product delivers results.

Just remember that when you purchase your products to keep them in your bedroom until needed to avoid other family members using them!

Weekly Masks and Treatments

Think of your hair as a Gucci blouse. Would you wash it in your machine? No! Would you use cheap washing powder on it? No! You would get information from the dry-cleaning company on how to care for it, so why do the opposite for your hair? Apply a weekly mask or treatment to strengthen and hydrate the hair.

This simple advice will lead you to the best hair you have ever had!

Complementary consultations are available at Hair Signature Salon Dubai located in Al Barsha. Find the salon on or call us directly on +971 55 273 3296.