Top Tips on Cutting Hair

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Cutting experts Davide Spinelli and Lathanial Chambers came together for an inspirational Cutting Skills Workshop with the Fellowship for British Hairdressing.

Hosted by Debbie G, the stylists focused on creating everyday styles – working on a simple bob and a short, undercut. Debbie said:

We are all busy salon stylists, and while it is great to be creative, it is important to learn everyday cutting skills you can use on the salon floor.

Working on a live model, Davide used scissors and a razor for a soft, natural finish. The result was a soft shoulder length bob, while Nathanial used a clipper to create an undercut for clients looking for something a bit more adventurous. Lathanial explained:

After a year of not being able to get their hair done, clients are looking for flexibility with their hair. Something that is serious for work, fun at the weekend.

Lathanial and Davide’s top tips for cutting hair this season…
  1. Work on your classic techniques; once you have these you can combine techniques to create something new.
  2. Use a razor instead of scissors to save you time. It will give you a softer look while you are cutting, and you do not have to spend time texturizing after you have finished the cut.
  3. When you are working with a razor, the section must be clean and sharp.
  4. Always used a new blade after every haircut.
  5. Never use a razor on frizzy hair as it will make it frizzier. 
  6. Combine scissor over comb and a clipper if you want to cut tighter to the skin.
  7. Do not be afraid of Afro hair. Get an Afro dolls head, make mistakes and play with shapes and texture.


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