Upgrade Your Blow-Dry with Pastels Salon Dubai

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While a professional blow-dry can ensure your hair is sleek and smooth or big and bouncy, depending on your hair type and favourite style, there are some fabulous treatments that can really make a difference to the longevity of this go-to grooming fave, as well as ensuring your hair is as healthy as possible.

The Frizz-buster

Perfect for this time of year, the BRAE Smoothing Botox Express employs hydrolysed soy protein to add strength to the hair and leave it smoother and without frizz. Best of all the treatment lasts up to one month.

For an INSTAnt mirror shine

Touted as a ‘raincoat for the hair’, the silicone-free K Water treatment forms a shield to protect against environmental elements that cause frizz. Its lightweight formulation has been developed to ensure the active ingredients could be targeted to damaged hair without weighing it down. After only a few seconds of contact, K Water will dramatically improve the quality of the hair, leaving it incredible healthy and weightlessly fluidified.

The tailor-made treatment

The Kerastase Fusio-Dose ritual creates a customised mix of Concentrés and Boosters to devise a super concentrated, blended formula, designed to transform the look of your hair. With four concentrés available to target your primary need and five powerful boosters to enhance your hair’s health, Fusio Dose offers the ultimate bespoke conditioning treatment.

To revive the hair’s health

This detox protocol uses a choice of two Kerastase Fusio Scrubs namely, Scrub Apaisant or Scrub Energisant to deeply cleanse the scalp and remove the build-up of products and pollutants. The detox is finished with oil drops and a revitalizing massage that helps activate microcirculation to boost the scrub’s efficacy; and which will ensure the hair – and scalp – are in optimal condition for whatever treatment or hair service, if any, you choose to have after it.

Image: Stuart @ Pastels Salon The Ritz Carlton Dubai

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